Diamond Engagement Rings – Shapes

Diamonds are purchased for many things with engagement rings at the top of the list. However, they are a great center gem and can be found in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The shape of a diamond is an important part of the purchasing of the expensive gem. Every shape of a diamond has a different type of aesthetic. Diamonds that are round offer the maximum sparkle, while diamonds referred to as princess diamonds, feature a contemporary, angular beauty in a gorgeous classic or geometric setting.

Cushion cut diamonds end up being a great choice for settings that are vintage-inspired, while radiant diamonds give the buyer a stunning alternative to cushion and princess diamonds for those who prefer a rectangular shaped diamond.

Estate jewelry is a popular choice for those that covet a more unique style setting to go with their expensive diamond.  Different antique styles have become very popular over the years and can enhance the look of an expensive diamond.

Emerald and Asscher diamonds have a step-cut, which gives them an elegant, sleek appearance. They give out less fire or sparkle than do the round diamonds, but are also more transparent.

Oval, pear-shaped and marquise diamonds have a more distinctive look to them and help the fingers of the wearer look slender and long due to them being elongated.

Diamonds that are heart shape express the buyer’s sentiment and often are favored by romantics.

The majority of round diamonds sit below the setting. This allows about one third of the diamond to be seen. Pear-shaped or marquise diamonds might appear to be larger since more is seen of the stone from looking at it from above.

In deciding on what shape, the preferences and personality of the person who will wear the ring must be taken into account.

However, if the shape to buy is hard to decide upon, it might be helpful to be aware of this: diamonds that are round are the most popular of all because of their brilliance, light performance and great fire.

Round diamonds encompass close to 75% of all diamonds that are purchased. Princess diamonds are second in overall popularity offering close to the same brilliance as round diamonds at a less expensive price.

The asscher and cushion diamonds have a number of admirers particularly amongst people who are romantic or lean toward the vintage style.

Based on basic supply and demand, a savings of more than 40% can be made by selecting a diamond that is not round.

Purchasing a diamond can be an exhilarating experience but remember that the shape can be one of the most important choices in picking that keepsake.


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