Fund Raiser Held in California for Sea Turtles

There is a large fund raiser being held for sea turtles on October 23rd at the San Diego State zoo.  The funds will go directly to help protect sea turtles from being killed and beaches protected were sea turtles lay there eggs.  We would like to give thanks to some great sponsors that have helped fund these events. Thanks to Met Life, FL Mortgage Unemployment Insurance, Anthem Family Dentistry, Gesner Estate Jewelry and our friends at Google to name a few.  If you cannot attend the event there will be a place were you can send in your money.  We do not have the address yet but we will post it when it is available.  A great cause.

Big Bear Vacation Showcased Amazing Wild Life

As me and my husband debated were we can go to enjoy our first vacation in a long time we decided on Big Bear Lake.  We wanted our vacation to be somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We found a great cabin located on the east side of Big Bear lake at an affordable price so we decided that would be the perfect place for our limited budget.

When we arrived at the cabin we were very happy when we realized what a beautiful place we had rented.  It was much better than the pictures that were shown to us on the internet.  Me and Brian were discussing on the way there how we worried that the pictures were far better than the cabin itself.  we were prepared for the worst but said we would make the best of it either way.  we really just wanted to be in a natural environment and didnt plan on spending much time in the cabin anyway.

The first day we spend n the lake canoeing and bird watching.  We took some amazing scenic pictures of the many different animals that we saw.  The scenery was breathe taking and Brian and I decided to take as many pictures as possible for our scrapbook.  We have always taken pictures of all our trips and this amazing place left us with so many amazing photos of life outdoors.

After a few days of rest and enjoying ll the fun things to do at our big bear lake cabin we began to pack and get ready to return to our humble abode and back to the grind.  Brian brought of the fact that this would be a great place for us to retire one day.  The surrounding community of Big Bear Lake was so friendly that we knew we would miss this amazing place.  I believe we will be back next year and many years to come.