Building the Perfect Model Train Set

Building the perfect model train set takes a lot of time to plan.  We will walk you through the step by step process for building your perfect model railroad.  There are more than a few companies that sell train sets.  These companies include Bachmann, Lionel train sets, Athearn, and Walthers.  Before we model-train-setget started purchasing a train set make sure you have the time and place to put together your model railroad.  Space is a vital element that many people don’t even bother to think about before building their train set.  Make sure you have room to work and a place for the supplies you will need.

Buying a Table for your Model Railroad

Once you have the measurements for your train set you can purchase a train table, make one by yourself, or have a professional make one for you.  Make sure that you have the proper dimensions to your layout and also make sure that after the table is built it can be moved to the place it needs to be.  This means make sure it fits thru doorways and sets up properly.  I know this sounds redundant information but you will be amazed how many people mess this up.

Planning a Model Train Layout

The layout is the next important item on the agenda.  Poster board can be very helpful and inexpensive when deciding what your train layout will look like.  You can only proceed further once you first pick a scale for your train set. There are many different scales to choose from so choose wisely.  We recommend that you pick a scale that fits your layout.  Smaller trains are a little harder to work with but can add a nice level of realism and size.  Larger trains require a little more space.  Take your time to think of what is right for you.

Once you have chosen the scale you can start planning your layout.  We suggest you purchase a few books that are sold at discounted prices on Amazon about model train layouts.  It will give you some great ideas of what options you have available.  Choosing the right layout will be one of the most important decisions you make for your model railroad.  Proper planning is the key to saving time and money and I promise you this hobby can get expensive if you do not plan properly.

In future posts we will discuss the next steps to continue your model railroad.  Please take your time before getting started and get these first few steps figured out first before continuing.

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