Diamond Engagement Rings – Shapes

Diamonds are purchased for many things with engagement rings at the top of the list. However, they are a great center gem and can be found in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The shape of a diamond is an important part of the purchasing of the expensive gem. Every shape of a diamond has a different type of aesthetic. Diamonds that are round offer the maximum sparkle, while diamonds referred to as princess diamonds, feature a contemporary, angular beauty in a gorgeous classic or geometric setting.

Cushion cut diamonds end up being a great choice for settings that are vintage-inspired, while radiant diamonds give the buyer a stunning alternative to cushion and princess diamonds for those who prefer a rectangular shaped diamond.

Estate jewelry is a popular choice for those that covet a more unique style setting to go with their expensive diamond.  Different antique styles have become very popular over the years and can enhance the look of an expensive diamond.

Emerald and Asscher diamonds have a step-cut, which gives them an elegant, sleek appearance. They give out less fire or sparkle than do the round diamonds, but are also more transparent.

Oval, pear-shaped and marquise diamonds have a more distinctive look to them and help the fingers of the wearer look slender and long due to them being elongated.

Diamonds that are heart shape express the buyer’s sentiment and often are favored by romantics.

The majority of round diamonds sit below the setting. This allows about one third of the diamond to be seen. Pear-shaped or marquise diamonds might appear to be larger since more is seen of the stone from looking at it from above.

In deciding on what shape, the preferences and personality of the person who will wear the ring must be taken into account.

However, if the shape to buy is hard to decide upon, it might be helpful to be aware of this: diamonds that are round are the most popular of all because of their brilliance, light performance and great fire.

Round diamonds encompass close to 75% of all diamonds that are purchased. Princess diamonds are second in overall popularity offering close to the same brilliance as round diamonds at a less expensive price.

The asscher and cushion diamonds have a number of admirers particularly amongst people who are romantic or lean toward the vintage style.

Based on basic supply and demand, a savings of more than 40% can be made by selecting a diamond that is not round.

Purchasing a diamond can be an exhilarating experience but remember that the shape can be one of the most important choices in picking that keepsake.


Selling Sports Cards Online

The baseball card business has dramatically changed over the past few years.  Some of these changes have been caused by a stumbling economy. Some card manufacturers are disappearing.  Currently there are only a few companies left producing sports cards.  The companies that still exist include  Upper Deck, Topps and Panini.  Topps has the exclusive license for baseball cards while Panini has it for basketball cards.  Upper Deck has NCAA licensing for their football cards.  The market has definitely changed over the past few years. Some of the best baseball cards are those that are individually sports-cardsnumbered and or signed by the player. The ever changing hobby has made it harder for collectors to find out what their sports cards are worth.    Here are some things to think about before selling your sports cards.

Having You Cards Graded

There are a few companies that grade sports cards.  Sports card grading companies help sellers maximize the amount of money they can sell their sports cards for as well as making sure the cards that are being sold are real.  There are only a few sports card grading companies that we recommend and pricing is different based on turnaround times and quantity of cards being submitted. Here are some of the most popular grading card companies that we have used in the past.

  • PSA Grading
  • Beckett Grading
  • GMA Grading
  • SGC Grading

All do a great job and have been in business for more than 10 years. Fees for having your cards graded vary by the company of your choice.  Please visit the sites of the companies listed above for more details.

Finding the Value of Sports Cards on Ebay

Once you have had your cards graded you can now go to one of the biggest marketplaces in the world for sports cards. Ebay has thousands of people buying and selling sports cards every day of the week.  They also have some great tools that can help you find out what your baseball cards are worth.  Use eBay’s search feature to help you find out what your particular cards are being sold for by other dealers.
Once you do a search you will find results of other dealers selling your cards and at various prices.  On the left sidebar you can search through completed auctions which will give you completed sales information of your specific card over the past 30 days.  This can be a great way to find out what your cards are worth.  In many cases this is much better than any price guide you can find in stores.  Information here is up to date and free.  Sellers can use completed auction information to get the information they need about almost any sports cards that has ever been produced.

Once you find the sports card you are looking for you now need to compare it to the condition of the card that you had graded.  Cards in higher grades sell for much more money than those in lower grades.  Much like diamonds, the condition the card is in can dramatically affect the value or price it sells for.

Setting Up an Ebay Account to Sell your Sports Cards

Setting up an Ebay account is very easy and free of charge.  If you are not sure if you should do so you may want to consider how many buyers are at your disposal on Ebay.  The more buyers that see your baseball cards the more bidders you may have.  Selling to local card shops can be frustrating and as they tend to haggle and pay you only a small portion of value of your trading cards.  Ebay is easy and can be much better for your wallet.  Once you signup you can start selling your cards online.  
Make sure when you list your cards for sale you add nice pictures of the front and the back of the cards and write detailed descriptions.  The better the description the more buyers you will have and the less email you will have to answer.  Take your time and do it right.

Building the Perfect Model Train Set

Building the perfect model train set takes a lot of time to plan.  We will walk you through the step by step process for building your perfect model railroad.  There are more than a few companies that sell train sets.  These companies include Bachmann, Lionel train sets, Athearn, and Walthers.  Before we model-train-setget started purchasing a train set make sure you have the time and place to put together your model railroad.  Space is a vital element that many people don’t even bother to think about before building their train set.  Make sure you have room to work and a place for the supplies you will need.

Buying a Table for your Model Railroad

Once you have the measurements for your train set you can purchase a train table, make one by yourself, or have a professional make one for you.  Make sure that you have the proper dimensions to your layout and also make sure that after the table is built it can be moved to the place it needs to be.  This means make sure it fits thru doorways and sets up properly.  I know this sounds redundant information but you will be amazed how many people mess this up.

Planning a Model Train Layout

The layout is the next important item on the agenda.  Poster board can be very helpful and inexpensive when deciding what your train layout will look like.  You can only proceed further once you first pick a scale for your train set. There are many different scales to choose from so choose wisely.  We recommend that you pick a scale that fits your layout.  Smaller trains are a little harder to work with but can add a nice level of realism and size.  Larger trains require a little more space.  Take your time to think of what is right for you.

Once you have chosen the scale you can start planning your layout.  We suggest you purchase a few books that are sold at discounted prices on Amazon about model train layouts.  It will give you some great ideas of what options you have available.  Choosing the right layout will be one of the most important decisions you make for your model railroad.  Proper planning is the key to saving time and money and I promise you this hobby can get expensive if you do not plan properly.

In future posts we will discuss the next steps to continue your model railroad.  Please take your time before getting started and get these first few steps figured out first before continuing.

Love Your Skin With Dead Sea Gladness

Beautiful skin is definitely in! A radiant looking skin can definitely take your dreams higher. With it, you can conquer whatever you desire, such as falling in love to a right guy, gain more attention when going shopping, being promoted to a higher job position, and of course become an empowered person. A very impressive skin appearance can be your one way ticket to fame and success, therefore it is very important to take good care of it.

To maintain a healthy and radiant-looking skin is a tough thing to do. But with the right knowledge and skills, you can take the task and achieve those goals for your skin. Taking pills and supplements can actually provide some improvements, and cosmetic surgery is also a good option. But these two ways to help save your skin might give a lot of side effects and pains. So take these as your least options. But, maintaining your skin’s health by using Dead Sea skin care products is one of the best ways. These products have been noted to provide utmost care and nourishment to the skin.

Dead Sea skin care products comes in soaps, bath gels, body scrubs, lotions, eye creams, eye serums, mud mask and many more. These products contain essential vitamins and minerals, such as sodium chloride, bromide, magnesium, and potassium that are unique components of the Dead Sea in Israel. These vitamins and minerals have been noted in research to be effective agents in giving the skin extra glow and sustenance, as well as improving skin integrity, moisture content, and elasticity.

Other promising results of Dead Sea skin care products are to prevent the aging process by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, to revitalize the skin by cleansing out the dirt that are trapped on the pores, and to exfoliate the skin by getting rid of tough impurities and dead skin cells.

Fund Raiser Held in California for Sea Turtles

There is a large fund raiser being held for sea turtles on October 23rd at the San Diego State zoo.  The funds will go directly to help protect sea turtles from being killed and beaches protected were sea turtles lay there eggs.  We would like to give thanks to some great sponsors that have helped fund these events. Thanks to Met Life, FL Mortgage Unemployment Insurance, Anthem Family Dentistry, Gesner Estate Jewelry and our friends at Google to name a few.  If you cannot attend the event there will be a place were you can send in your money.  We do not have the address yet but we will post it when it is available.  A great cause.

Big Bear Vacation Showcased Amazing Wild Life

As me and my husband debated were we can go to enjoy our first vacation in a long time we decided on Big Bear Lake.  We wanted our vacation to be somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We found a great cabin located on the east side of Big Bear lake at an affordable price so we decided that would be the perfect place for our limited budget.

When we arrived at the cabin we were very happy when we realized what a beautiful place we had rented.  It was much better than the pictures that were shown to us on the internet.  Me and Brian were discussing on the way there how we worried that the pictures were far better than the cabin itself.  we were prepared for the worst but said we would make the best of it either way.  we really just wanted to be in a natural environment and didnt plan on spending much time in the cabin anyway.

The first day we spend n the lake canoeing and bird watching.  We took some amazing scenic pictures of the many different animals that we saw.  The scenery was breathe taking and Brian and I decided to take as many pictures as possible for our scrapbook.  We have always taken pictures of all our trips and this amazing place left us with so many amazing photos of life outdoors.

After a few days of rest and enjoying ll the fun things to do at our big bear lake cabin we began to pack and get ready to return to our humble abode and back to the grind.  Brian brought of the fact that this would be a great place for us to retire one day.  The surrounding community of Big Bear Lake was so friendly that we knew we would miss this amazing place.  I believe we will be back next year and many years to come.